Peperomia Anthurium

Peperomia Anthurium


Anthurium 140mm – ceramic pot on a small loose saucer

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The Anthurium is all about lush greenery and stunning flowers, but at the same time, it is low maintenance. This houseplant is a thoughtful gift that will brighten anyone’s day and home. The minimalist flowers are a saturated coral colour and feature a single petal, or bract, that curves around a spadix. The glossy flowers stand above rich green heart-shaped leaves. Our anthurium comes from a premiere Dutch grower known for spectacular blooms. To help ensure your anthurium develops lots of these blooms, place this plant in a location that receives lots of bright indirect light. Anthurium houseplants like regular watering, but make sure to let the soil dry out between watering. Given the proper care, the Coral Anthurium will bloom for a few months at a time throughout the year.

Comes in a ceramic pot on a small loose saucer.


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