COVID-19 has caused deep impacts on our mental health and as well as our lives. Many people are stuck in their homes, in quarantine, exercising social distancing, so you need to send some hope and sunshine to bring out that lovely and beautiful smile on their faces. The team at Blossom with Loveright here in Sheppartonwill bring happiness to the faces of your loved ones.  As a Florist in Sheppartonthey continuously works to spread the love!

People believe that flowers can help you spread that infectious beautiful smile and gleam on the faces of our loved ones and also have many other benefits.

No matter the reason, one thing’s for sure, flowers make people feel better!

Flowers are magical! They can help lift the gloomy aura of the vicinity in which they are kept.

Amazing fact- flowers can aid you from anxiety and a sense of panic. A study or survey conducted at Harvard found people accepted to feel more relaxed and soothed, with a reduced level of stress just because of the presence of that lovely bouquet in their room. So why not send a bouquet made from the favorite flowers to your loved ones.

Humans are social beings. Therefore, staying inside for a whole year can have a bad impact on people’s minds. As companies have given their employees permission to work from home, the effects of the same stress and frustration can be seen in their work. Staying inside and doing work from home with so much going on in our minds can have a negative effect on productivity and efficiency.

According to blossomwithlove.com.au, the best florist in Shepparton, a study by Harvard has shown that employee creativity and problem-solving skills improved significantly while working at a workplace with flowers and in house plants. Flowers are the best option to bring your focus back, as work from home can be quite distracting.

All the above-mentioned information points directly to a person’s mental health. Florist states the fact that flowers are those mood boosters and have an immediate impact on happiness.

Lastly, let’s not forget our hard-working florist. Take this chance and see this as not only sending flowers to help you stay sane and happy, but also help local business as this is their hour of need. Blossom with Love have flowers delivered directly to your door!